Medical Research Grants

The Trustees maintain a medical research reserve account separate from their general charity grant account in order to ensure a proportion of the total funds available is directed in favour of medical research in a fair and efficient manner.

Medical Grants are for a maximum grant of up to £20,000.


A brief but not to technical report is required to be sent to the Secretary detailing the outcome of the project.

Medical Grants

These are for sums up to a maximum of £15,000 and ordinarily are for areas such as “pilot study costs” or equipment. Applications for Grants are considered at each of the Trustees meeting which are ordinarily held in March, July and November each year.

Applicants for Medical Grants should complete the application form provided - please click here If you are applying on behalf of a Registered Charity please ensure that the Charity's most recent Annual Report and Accounts are attached to the Application Form.


The Trustees regret that applications will not be accepted by post.


Further Guidance

1. Work with the potential of improving the well-being and health of the elderly will receive preference over other projects.

2. The Trustees prefer to support research work to be undertaken in or in collaboration with individuals located in the preferred geographical location (Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria).

3. The Trustees are keen to support innovative and high quality research projects that do not fall within areas of focus of major national funding organisations.

4. The Trustees are not permitted to support work aimed specifically at children.

The application must be countersigned by the appropriate officer of the University or other institution where the research project is to be undertaken and sent to the secretary as detailed in the 'Contact Us' section of the website. Alternatively the countersigned document/letter may be attached the the Application Form in PDF form.