The Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust was founded in 1951 with the primary aim of supporting UK registered charities involved in the fields of medicine including medical research, the elderly, and those “who have fallen on evil days through no fault of their own”.


More detailed information including guidelines for prospective applicants and the principles applied by the trustees when considering appeals for funding is provided on this website under the headings; “Medical Research Grants”, “General Grants”, "Travelling Fellowships”.

A summary of those activities the trustees seek to support and those we are prohibited from funding is given below:

Activities Supported by the Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust

a) Charities operating in support of the elderly. Click here for further details of general grants.

b) Charities assisting people who have fallen on evil days through no fault of their own. Click here for further details of general grants


c) Medical Charities including those involved in medical research. Click here for further details on medical research grants.


d) Travelling Fellowship grants. Click here for further details.

e) A limited number of charities specified in the founding Trust Deed.

f) General grants to disaster/emergency appeals are considered on a case by case basis.

Activities NOT Supported by the Dowager Countess Eleanor Peel Trust

Prospective applicants should be aware that the Trust Deed specifically prohibits the Trustees from making grants to charities primarily devoted to children and those under the control of central or local government. All applications received from Charities which fall into these categories will be rejected without further consideration.


Reserve Policy


The trustees intend to place at least 10% of the total available funds for grant expenditure annually into a reserve account to enable them to make a major grant or grants (whether for significant medical research or otherwise) in the future. Applications for this will be by invitation and entirely at the trustees’ discretion.

Consideration of Applications

The trustees meet three times each year in March, July and November and applications for General and Medical Grants are considered at each meeting.


All applications for both General and Medical Research grants will only be accepted on-line using the application form on the website. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email but please note that there will be no feedback provided by the Trustees as to the reason for rejection of an unsuccessful application.


A meeting to consider applications for Travelling Fellowships is held annually in December each year.

It is strongly recommended that the full Grant Making Strategy is read before an application is completed and submitted. To access the Grant Making Strategy document please click here. A summary of the latest audited Trust accounts may be viewed by clicking here.


The Trustees do not provide any feedback or reason for rejecting an application for grant.




A copy of the latest accounts is available for download here